Welcome to Ytri Tunga

Help us keep the seals - and you - safe

 Smelltu hér til að sjá íslensku útgáfuna

Ytri Tunga beach is one of the best seal-watching spots in Iceland. Seals are attracted to the area thanks to rocky shores where they can find a perfect combination of land, shelter and the close proximity to the safety of the ocean.

Walking trails from the car park to the shores provide good access, even for the mobility impaired.

Responsible watching

  • Please keep a minimum distance of 50 metres to the nearest seal. If pups are observed, a 100 m distance to the nearest seal is recommended.
  • If a seal makes a sound, moves or seems alert, it might be a sign of disturbance. If that happens, please move further away.
  • Females often leave their pups temporarily to go hunting. Please do not attempt to access or touch pups that appear to have been abandoned. Leave lone pups alone to allow the mother to return to her offspring normally.
  • Never position yourself between a seal and the sea. It is important that the seal has easy access to the water to allow it to feel safe and secure.
  • When walking towards the animals, do so with slow and calm moves. Avoid loud noises and, if talking, keep your voice low. Leave the area in the same quiet manner.
  • Do not throw objects in the area close to the seals.
  • Avoid using camera flash when photographing.
  • Seal welfare may be negatively impacted by large groups of people in seal habitat. On arrival, if you encounter a large group of people already close to the seals, please wait until some of the people leave.
  • Dogs are to be kept on leash at all times.

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